Small Little Caring Things

I went to visit an old friend tonight.  He has had  somewhat of a rough go in life but tonight, he looked healthy, well-rested, bright, and wiser than the last time I saw him.  He had a little sparkle to his eye that I have not seen for quite some time.  As always with Joe, we picked up right where we left off…2 weeks ago or 3 years ago…we just fall in step so fluidly.  Tonight he told me that when he had his girls this week, he did not know that they did not have school for 2 days, yet he did not complain about not knowing.  He took this as  an opportunity to spend time with the girls,  He took them  with him to price out a job.  Joe is a mason.  He told me, “Just when I only have $2 left in my bank account, a job comes up.  I really can’t complain!”  He inspected the work to be done at the woman’s house and he quoted her for the job.  As the girls sat patiently eating sugary Italian cookies as big as dinner plates, the woman took a look at the quote, smiled at Joe and the girls and said, “Okay!” And that was that.  Almost.

Before they left Joe said, “If it snows tomorrow, we will come on over and shovel for you.”

The woman smiled and waved them goodbye.

As they walked home, Joe turned to his girls and said, “Geez, I oughta take you two with me more often!”  They smiled at the satisfaction of helping their dad secure the next job!

The next day, as promised, Joe trudged up the street with his two little girls in tow, and the three of them shoveled their new friend out of a deep, heavy snowfall.  I remember that morning as such a breath-takingly beautiful day and I smiled at the image of Joe walking with his two favorite girls to a friend in need, a brand new friend, not even a 24 hour friend yet!  After Joe told me this story he said, “You know, I used to such an angry person (I already knew that!) but by just doing small little caring things for other people, we find such joy!”

6 Words…

Small little caring things are good.

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